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If you’d have asked me when I was younger if I ever thought I’d be working in the financial sector I would have laughed, not just because the industry had a reputation of being dull and dominated by over-complex jargon (super triggering when, like me, you have dyslexia), but because even the subject of personal finances had this air of deprivation around it.

So, imagine my surprise when I accidentally stumbled into the industry and found myself loving it. So much so, that I carved out my career in this industry which resulted in me becoming an award-winning Mortgage Broker. I now use the skills I’ve learnt to debunk and demystify the confusion that surrounds the mortgage and finance industries, to help it become less intimidating and more accessible so that you can receive financial expertise without judgement.

Top Moments

There are certain moments in life, where you look at what you’ve achieved, pinch yourself, and realise that this, right here, is what you were destined to be doing. These were mine.

Moment One

Winning the Best Broker Award in the 2021 Mortgage Introducer Awards.

Moment Two

Speaking on FSE’s panel about the next generation of homebuyers.

Moment Three

Being profiled in Mortgage Strategy’s “One To Watch” feature.


Being Interviewed by Phil Spencer for Barclays Mortgage Insider podcast.