Financial knowledge is your strongest asset. Discover what it can do for you

Financial knowledge is your strongest asset. Discover what it can do for you.

When you plan ahead, you want to
break boundaries,
not the bank.

Yet too often people swing too far the other way. When talking about your financial goals people will advise you to budget your way into saving everything, spending nothing and, well, basically sacrificing your enjoyment in life. But what if financial education was dependable and not full of deprivation? Imagine what you could achieve then!

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Mortgage Broker

Obtain or develop your dream home with an experienced mortgage broker who can help you with the process.

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Mortgage Clinics

Empower your team with financial education by hosting a workshop to provide an employee perk that makes a difference.

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1 to 1 Mentoring

Tailored support and actionable advice for those who are looking to develop their career within the mortgage industry.

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About Me

People are often scared to seek financial advice, whether it's because of overwhelming and conflicting advice, concerns about affordability or fear of judgement—and who can blame them?

The financial industry is full of complex jargon and can often feel intimidating and isolating as a result, but what if it didn't have to be?

Hi, I'm Sonya, award-winning mortgage broker, avid Vogue reader and self-development obsessive on a mission to make financial education not just understandable, but accessible.

Top Moments

There are certain moments in life, where you look at what you’ve achieved, pinch yourself, and realise that this, right here, is what you were destined to be doing.

These were mine

Let's give outdated advice a run for its money.

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The Blog

Navigating the Nuances of High Salaries

If you asked somebody if they wanted a higher salary, there’s no doubt that they’d say yes. In today's competitive job market, high salaries are not just a must for increasing cost of living prices, but have become a coveted symbol of success and financial stability. However, whilst a substantial paycheque undoubtedly brings numerous benefits, it’s important to note that there’s a lot of nuance to what comes with that increase in salary.


Cultivating An Abundance Mindset

When it comes to financial well-being, our mindset plays a significant role in how we approach things. For example, if you’re constantly anxious about money, you may be in a scarcity mindset. This type of mindset can be incredibly limiting, preventing you from seeing the big picture by only seeing what’s happening directly in front of you. But shifting to an abundance mindset can have a profound impact on how you look at your finances.


The Cost of People Pleasing

Raise your hand if you are or have ever been a people pleaser 🙋🏽‍♀️ Me too. Being a people pleaser is a common trait for many individuals, and whilst it’s admirable to want to make others happy and maintain positive relationships, it's crucial to recognise that that isn’t actually our job. It is down to the individual to take ownership of their life, whether that’s their emotions, their finances or their overall situation. Our role is to instil great boundaries that enable us to be there and support without overcommitting and taking the full weight of something.


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