#5 Tips For Levelling Up As A Mortgage Broker

When starting out in any career, it’s hard to think about where you want to take it. But in Mortgage Brokering, it’s even more true. There’s so much to learn in terms of process, compliance and business, to do the job, that future goals can feel far from your thoughts. But no matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to ask yourself what your overall goals are so that you can move towards that direction. And if you’re not quite sure yet, and you’re looking to figure out where you want to be as your career as a Mortgage Broker develops, these are the tips for you!

#1: Reflect On What Type Of Broker You Want To Be

It’s easy to get stuck when you look at the small details because you’re so close to them and pressure and expectation creep in. But ask yourself, what type of broker do you want to be? Look at your big-picture vision. For example, do you want to specialise in high-wealth clientele? Do you want to focus on a particular segment, such as first-time buyers? Do you want to be a generalist? Or do you want to focus on something different altogether?

I believe that dreaming is key to personal growth and success, and to do this, and get that overall vision, you should picture yourself in five years time. How does your day look? What’s your workload like? Are you creating, producing or managing? How do you connect to your clients?

By looking past your immediate present, you can create an idea of where you want to be in the future, because you’re able to look past just trying to find your way and learn everything you need to do the job. Instead, you can visualise how it looks when you’ve done those things.

Getting clear and specific on this vision provides your big picture and helps you to work towards it, holding yourself accountable along the way. Because every time an opportunity becomes available, you’ll be able to stop and reflect, asking yourself “does this help with my development” or “is this aligned with where I want to be?”

#2: Get To Know Your Audience And Build A Network

The best businesses serve their clients first and foremost. But to do this, and continuously show up for them, you’re going to need a support system outside of your workplace.

Whether it’s mentors, family or trusted friends, you need people that will challenge you, push you to fulfil your potential and help you recognise when you need help. The right inner circle will not only help you to set new goals but provide a fresh perspective. Because, whilst unintentional, workplaces can often become echo chambers, due to the nature of everyone being in the same industry, and occasionally on the same path.

But when you speak to people and build a network outside of work, you get a fresh set of eyes and opinions. This means you’re able to start new conversations and see what your clients need (or could benefit from!) more holistically, as you’ll be able to tap into different perspectives, pain points, and potential roadblocks that people are facing. After all, what’s obvious to you, may not be obvious to those who need your services!

#3: Build Mental Resilience

It’s inevitable that in day-to-day life, you will face some form of rejection—and in the world of mortgages, it’s even more likely, as you’ll regularly face rejection from lenders, potential clients or estate agents! The thing that will make the most difference to your career is how quickly you can bounce back.

You will often be thrown into the deep end as the mortgage industry is constantly changing and evolving. Especially when the economy shifts, inflation soars and lenders change their products as a result! Because of this, you’re never going to know everything at one time, so learn to embrace discomfort and focus on building resilience.

Remember, rejection isn’t always personal, sometimes it really is just business, and by having increased mental strength, and the skills that enable you to obtain the information you require and move on, you’ll be able to assist your clients more quickly and effectively.

#4: Never Stop Learning

This next sentence is not me promoting hustle culture (because I’m not a fan!): but if you’re not moving forwards, you’re standing still, and time (and other people) will pass you by if you do.

When it comes to levelling up in your career, you want to ensure that you’re always learning and looking for inspiration on new and creative ways to solve your customer’s pain points. Not just to stay ahead of the competition, but because as industries and economies evolve, new solutions are required.

This can vary depending upon your industry, but in mortgages specifically, it’s about looking at what people need. For example, my mission is dedicated to simplifying the mortgage process by demystifying the jargon and helping my audience to understand the industry that they’re buying into. This means that my focus is on finding ways to do that, so I can better serve my audience. But this may look different for you. Focus on what skills you need to reach your next level.

#5: Set Boundaries—And Stand By Them!

As brokers, we fully immerse ourselves in the lives of our clients. We hear their stories, their plans, their hopes and their dreams, and so it’s inevitable that we also feel their excitement, their stress and their anxiety. Their dreams become our dreams because we want to make them happen for them and so we often tag along for the ride.

Being able to empathise is an underrated skill that makes a great broker, but it’s important to have boundaries so that you don’t store the emotions of others as your own. You need to find that sweet spot, so you can be there for your clients without it compromising your own wellbeing. I’ll admit, it took me a while to realise this, but now I have protective measures in place I feel all the better for it.

If you need any help identifying your next steps, my waitlist for Mortgage Mentoring is now open. Get in contact to get on the waitlist!

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